About RedBox Signmakers

Look at this picture – can you believe what you are seeing?

How safe are your signs?This, we kid you not, is a sign we dismantled at a prime city centre location. Our client tells us it was put up around eight years ago.

We were incredulous.

How any signmaker would be willing to put their name to such appalling workmanship is beyond us.

Since the risks of flammable materials in social housing have dominated national concerns in the most tragic way, it’s inevitably more pressing to also consider commercial fire safety.

Put simply, this is a fire trap.

Thankfully, it’s a million miles from anything we would do at Redbox Signmakers. We pride ourselves on not only our craftsmanship but also on the peace of mind we bring when it comes to safety.

The discarded sign is wooden, with a mish-mash of wires and 240 volt, hot halogen lights. Crucially there are no vents. The sign was also likely to fall apart and was susceptible to an ingress of water. Scary stuff!

It was completely unfit for purpose.

So what do we do so differently?

Time has moved on. These days guidance, systems and procedures ensuring a safe end product are much more prevalent.

We operate with safety of our work uppermost in our mind at all times. We know we are accountable. All of our signage is CE-marked and we hold a number of professional memberships and accreditations which mean we can be trusted, adhering to a rigorous code of conduct from the British Signs and Graphics Association.

When we build signs now, an absolute minimum maintenance is needed, if any is needed at all.

Changes in the law in recent years have outlawed ‘cowboy’ signmakers whose slip-shod approach endangered others. The widespread use of LED lighting has also helped transform our industry.

But we have a plea for you. If you haven’t had new signs for a number of years, please make sure you are safe. All too often we read about significant fires being started by an electrical fault in outdated signs.

If you are unsure, or have any questions about whether your signs need to be replaced with a less hazardous, more modern version, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Email ian@redboxsignmakers.co.uk or call 01922 620 660.